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Resources for Teachers and Students-Odyssey Curriculum

CompassLearning Odyssey® delivers standards aligned PreK-12 curricula that provide interactive, self-paced, challenging, engaging activities. Activities promote exploration, individual and cooperative learning, problem solving, reflection, and real-world connections. Odyssey applies current and confirmed research about how student think and learn.

The CompassLearning Odyssey® curriculum includes:

  • Odyssey Reading/Language Arts - Levels K-8
  • Story Creator - Level K-2
  • Odyssey Writer - Levels 3-12
  • Odyssey Math - Levels K-8
  • Odyssey Matemáticas - Levels 1-6
  • Odyssey Algebra
  • Odyssey Social Studies Levels 2-8
  • Odyssey ELL - Levels K-Adult
  • Odyssey Intervention - Levels 9-12
  • Odyssey Advanced/AP - Levels 9-12

    Preparation for High Stakes Testing--Assessment

    Odyssey Explorer assessments and the Odyssey NWEA Alliance provide the most effective assessment solutions available today. The assessments are aligned with growth development measures and state standards and are customizable to individual district's curriculum maps. When combined with the Odyssey curriculum, educators know exactly where a student stands in the testing scores and each student has a recommended learning path to improve those scores.

    Differentiated Instruction-Odyssey Manager

    Odyssey helps educators ensure that students are always on task, on track toward meeting state and national standards, and working to their full academic potential. The Odyssey Manager delivers individual learning paths based on student assessment scores. Student data is immediately available through a wide variety of reports.

    There When You Need It-Delivery

    CompassLearning Odyssey's dependable, online curriculum solutions are available in several implementation models to meet each site's unique needs and goals. Regardless of your district's resources, CompassLearning provides a comprehensive and tailored delivery solution.